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Road Tripping Down Texas' I-10 Corridor

Wednesday May 28, 2014
Interstate 10 runs the width of the United States. In Texas, it runs from the small town of Orange on the Louisiana border to the town of Anthony way out west -- a distance of nearly 900 miles! Along the way, travelers will see everything from marshlands to mountains, as they travel between Beaumont and El Paso. Read More

Finding Fun Family Activities in Texas Cities

Wednesday May 28, 2014
Cities across the Lone Star State offer families great vacation activities. From theme parks to historic sites, aquariums and zoos to modern museums, there is plenty to take in while on vacation in one of Texas' popular vacation destinations. Additionally, many Texas cities offer a surprising amount of outdoor recreational opportunities. Here is a list (in alphabetical order) of some fun family vacation ideas in Texas' top vacation destinations. Read More

Finding Fun Family Vacation Activities in Each of Texas 7 Regions

Tuesday May 27, 2014
There are a wide variety of activities for families on vacation in Texas. From the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the mountains of West Texas, from the rivers and streams of Texas Hill Country to the high plains of the Panhandle, there is plenty to do to fill a family vacation in the Lone Star State. Here is a list of suggestions of fun filled family vacation activities in Texas sorted by geographic region. Read More

Texas' Top Family Vacation Spots

Monday May 26, 2014
As families prepare for their annual summer vacations, they have plenty of options across the Lone Star State. From the Gulf Coast to the Hill Country and beyond, Texas has plenty of great family vacation destionations. Here's a list (in alphabetical order) of some of Texas' top family vacation spots. Read More

Texas State Parks by Activity

Thursday May 22, 2014

State parks across the state of Texas offer visitors a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. From birding to boating, fishing to stargazing, camping to photography and much, much more, Texas State Parks have a near endless list of things to do. Of course, not every park offers every activity and some parks "specialize" in certain activities. Here's a list of the very best state parks for a dozen outdoor recreational activities. Read More

Texas State Parks by Region

Wednesday May 21, 2014

Every region of Texas is filled with great state parks that afford visitors a myriad of outdoor recreational opportunities. From the Texas Gulf Coast to the Big Bend Region of West Texas, the South Texas Plains to the Texas Panhandle, state parks in each of Texas' geographic regions offer an outdoor experience that is truly respective of that region. Among the most popular activities are hiking, camping, birding, fishing and swimming. But, a variety of state parks offer regionally popular activities such as rock climbing and wind surfing. Additionally, a number of state parks are home to unique attractions such as fossilized dinosaur tracks, cave paintings and pictographs, and towering mountain peaks. Here's a list of some of Texas top state parks categorized by geographic region. Read More

Things to Do While Camping in Texas

Wednesday May 21, 2014

Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors. Of course, there is much more to camping than just sitting around in a tent. Texas offers a great variety of outdoor activities to enjoy while camping in the Lone Star State. Campers spending time in one of Texas' numerous state parks often have multiple outdoor activity options to choose from while camping. Read More

Bucket List Adventures in Texas

Wednesday May 21, 2014

These days it seems as if everyone is preparing a "bucket list" and attempting to see and do as many things as they can squeeze into one lifetime. Anyone seeking outdoor adventures should take a trip to the Lone Star State, as there are plenty of bucket list adventures in Texas. Read More

2014 Shrimporee

Tuesday May 20, 2014

For more than six decades, thousands have come to Aransas Pass to attend the annual Shrimporee. This event celebrates all things shrimp, which means there is always plenty of good seafood. In addition to the shrimp cookoff, Shrimporee offers lots of live entertainment, a beauty pageant, parade, petting zoo, arts & crafts exposition, carnival rides and plenty of other fun-filled events and activities. The 2014 Shrimporee is set to be held June 13-15. Read More

Memorial Day Weekend Activities in Texas

Sunday May 18, 2014

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer in most people's minds. Across the state of Texas, there will be a number of events, festivals and activities to help you get summer started the right way. Read More

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