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Dallas Artfest


Dallas Artfest
Rebecca Guy, Artfest

Dallas Artfest Overview:

Held over Memorial Day weekend each year for over three decades, the Dallas Art Fest features a "run for the arts," live music, children's activities and fine artists from across the country.

About Dallas Artfest:

Conducted annually by The 500, Inc. - a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the arts in Dallas - Dallas Artfest is one of the largest festivals of its type in Texas. With hundreds of artists attending and participating, Artfest has a wide variety of art disciplines displayed over the three days of the event. And, with annual donations to local art organizations topping $30,000, the effects of Artfest are felt throughout the year in the Dallas area.

Where Dallas Artfest is Held:

Dallas Artfest is held at Fairpark in Dallas.
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