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Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark - South Padre Island

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Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark - South Padre Island

The Bottom Line

One of the top waterparks in the country, South Padre Island's Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark is located right on the beach and offers a wide variety of waterslides, rides, pools and other ways to 'get wet.' Schlitterbahn Beach also features a restaurant, sports bar and evening entertainment during the summer season.

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  • Wide variety of rides and activities
  • Age appropriate pools and rides
  • Beachside location
  • Onsite restaurant and food vendors


  • Very crowded around holiday weekends


  • Located at 90 Park Road, Hwy 100
  • Multiple waterslides and water rides
  • 2 onsite restaurants
  • Open weekends during April, May and September.
  • Open 7 days per week June through August
  • Adult admission - $33.47 for 1-day pass, $49.94 for 2-day pass.
  • Child admission - $27.63 for 1-day pass, $40.38 for 2-day pass.
  • Season passes are available.
  • Buy tickets online, at the park or by calling (956) 772-SURF.

Guide Review - Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark - South Padre Island

Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark on South Padre Island is a great summer-time attraction for families. The waterpark incorporates a variety of rides and activities into a family-friendly format that ensures kids and adults of every age are able to have an enjoyable 'day at the beach.'

The signature of Schlitterbahn Beach is its Rio Adventura, an endless river that connects all of the waterpark's attractions. Among the favorites for park visitors is the Boogie Bahn2, which is the world's largest artificial wave machine, and the Sea Trek, which is an underwater, helmet-diving experience that allows visitors to view the native sea life of the Gulf of Mexico. Families with small kids will appreciate Sandcastle Cove, which is a 5-story sand castle with three levels of water slides as well as shallow wading pools.

Although the waterpark is only open during the warm weather months, Schlitterbahn Beach's restaurant, the Shrimp Haus, and sports bar, El Jefe's, are open to the public year around. The park also features live entertainment during the summer.

Perhaps the best thing about Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark for vacationing families is the 'self-contained' nature of the park. Between the water rides, beach access, restaurants and entertainment, it is quite possible to spend an entire day at the park and still not be able to do everything. For families heading to South Padre Island, Schlitterbahn Beach should be considered a 'must see.'

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