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SeaWorld San Antonio

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SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio

The Bottom Line

SeaWorld has long been known as a leader in marine exhibits and waterpark entertainment. SeaWorld San Antonio lives up to its billing, featuring marine life shows and displays, adventure camps, thrilling rides, a water park and more.

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  • Wide variety of exhibits, rides and activities
  • Vacation packages available
  • Age appropriate, educational programs
  • Onsite dining


  • Crowded during peak season


  • Located at 10500 SeaWorld Blvd.
  • Multiple shows, rides and exhibits
  • Onsite dining
  • Open March through December; operating days and hours vary
  • Adult tickets: $44.09/1-day; $48.99/2-day
  • Child tickets: $35.09/1-day; $38.99/2-day
  • Season passes available
  • Purchase tickets online, at gate or call (800) 700-7786

Guide Review - SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld waterparks have long been pioneers in blending education and entertainment. SeaWorld San Antonio continues that tradition with a long list of shows, rides, adventure camps and an adjacent water park.

Shamu, of course, is SeaWorld's biggest draw. At SeaWorld San Antonio, visitors are thrilled by the latest Shamu show, "Believe." The show is billed as interactive and part of that interaction involves getting audience members wet. Those wishing to stay dry should avoid sitting in the first 14 rows. However, anyone wishing to get doused and cool off during the heat of the day is encouraged to sit as close as possible to the arena.

In addition to Shamu, SeaWorld San Antonio has dozens of animal exhibits, ranging from birds to marine life. The park also features a 'Seafari Tour,' interactive programs, adventure camps and more. The Lost Lagoon Waterpark, which is located on SeaWorld grounds, is a popular place for visitors to cool off, while the 'Great White Games Center' offers plenty of indoor entertainment.

With so much to offer, it is little wonder SeaWorld is one of San Antonio's most popular tourist attraction. However, visitors should be advised it is almost impossible to take it all in during a single-day visit. To help accommodate those wishing to stay longer, SeaWorld does offer a variety of vacation plans.

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