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Ice at the Galleria


Ice at the Galleria Overview:

For more than 30 years, the ice skating rink at the Galleria shopping center has been providing kids a fun escape from the Houston summer heat. During the winter, a visit to the rink is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

About Ice at the Galleria:

The ice skating rink offers classes for those who've never worn blades on their feet before. Once you learn the basics, you can hit the ice during the public skating sessions. The rink can also be reserved for private parties and broomball. Some companies use broomball games as team-building exercises.

Ice at the Galleria Visitor Information:

General admission is $8.50 plus skates, $3.50, and socks, $3.50 (required).

Ice at the Galleria Location:

Ice at the Galleria is located at 5015 Westheimer Rd. in Houston. For more information, call 713-621-1500.

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