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Moody Gardens


Moody Gardens Overview:

Visitors crossing the causeway to Galveston will surely see the pyramids rising on the western side of the island. Those pyramids are just part of magnificent Moody Gardens. With attractions that include several aquariums, an IMAX theatre and even a rainforest, Moody Gardens is a must see for Galveston visitors. Moody Gardens visitors can also take tours of Galveston Bay aboard the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat. Concerts are staged at Moody Gardens throughout the summer season as well.

Moody Gardens Visitor Information:

Moody Gardens is open 365 days per year. A one-day pass for all attractions is $39.95 per person. A two-day all attraction pass is $47.95 per person. Passes for individual attractions are available and range in price $6.95 to $18.95, depending on the attraction and visitor's age. Moody Gardens is located at One Hope Boulevard in Galveston. For more information call 800-582-4673 or visit their website via the link below.
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