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Zero Gravity Thrill Park


Zero Gravity Thrill Park Overview:
You may be a little taken aback when they ask you to sign a release form, but the park, which opened in 1992, claims to have a perfect safety record.

About Zero Gravity Thrill Park:
In addition to the seven-story bungee jump, the other "rides" (maybe they should be called "falls") are Nothin' but Net, Skycoaster, Texas Blastoff and Skyscraper. On the Nothin' but Net attraction, you are simply dropped 130 feet into a big net. For the Skycoaster, you are suspended face-down in a harness and lifted 160 feet; pull the rip cord and you'll experience the swing of a lifetime. The Texas Blastoff shoots you skyward with a massive slingshot, and then you bounce around on bungee cords on the way down. The Skyscraper is basically a high-speed, 165-foot Ferris wheel.  

Zero Gravity Thrill Park Location:
Zero Gravity Thrill Park is located at 11131 Malibu Drive in Dallas. For more information, call 972-484-8359.

Elsewhere on the Web:
Zero Gravity Thrill Park website

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