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Visiting the USS Lexington

Retired Aircraft Carrier Now Serves As Museum


Visiting the USS Lexington
Danno Wise
Visitors to the Coastal Bend region of Texas certainly have plenty of choices for sight-seeing activities. Of course, Corpus Christi, the region’s largest city, is definitely at the heart of any trip to the Coastal Bend. And, it is in Corpus that visitors will find one of the state’s more unique tourist attractions.

The USS Lexington, locally known as “The Lex,” is a former World War II-era aircraft carrier, now ‘retired’ in Corpus Christi. Unlike so many other retired warships, the USS Lexington is still active, in a manner of speaking.

After an exhaustive refurbishing process, the USS Lexington was docked a short distance away from the Texas State Aquarium and opened to the public. Today, the Lexington serves as a museum and features a number of exhibits, as well as a museum, flight simulator and breathtaking views of Corpus Christi Bay. Additionally, the Lexington also offers a few very unique experiences, such as overnight camping trips and summer camp programs for children.

The USS Lexington is open seven days a week, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Labor Day through Memorial Day; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day. Tickets prices are $12.95 for adults, $9.95 for seniors and military personnel, and $7.95 for children ages 4 to 12. Children 3 and under are free.

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