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Del Rio, Texas


Del Rio, Texas
Danno Wise

Del Rio Overview:

The Texas border town of Del Rio is located on the shores of Lake Amistad and the Rio Grande, offering birders, boaters and fishermen plenty of options. However, Del Rio is also home to a number of top notch museums as well as the oldest winery in Texas, the Val Verde Winery.

Del Rio History:

Spanish missionaries were known to have inhabited the area around present day Del Rio since the mid 1600s. The first post office was established in Del Rio in 1883 - giving the town 'official' status. The Great Acuna Flood of 1854 helped place priority on the construction of the Amistad Dam across the Rio Grande. The dam was completed in 1969, creating Lake Amistad, which is a major tourist destination for bass fishing and watersports.

Del Rio Hotels:

Amistad Lake Resort, www.amistadlakeresort.com, 800-775-8591; Best Western Del Rio, 800-336-3537; Laguna Diablo Resort, www.lagunadiablo.com, 888-227-7082; La Quinta Inn, www.lq.com, 800-531-5900; Ramada Inn, www.ramadadelrio.com, 830-775-1511.

Del Rio Attractions :

Del Rio is full of attractions and activities for visitors. None, however, plays a larger role than Lake Amistad. The deep, crystal clear waters of Lake Amistad beckon to fishermen, divers, sailors, swimmers, houseboaters, water skiiers and virtually every type of water sport enthusiast. Del Rio also has an impressive Downtown Shopping District, the Val Verde Winery and several state parks - some of which are home to ancient indian cave paintings.
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