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Fort Stockton, Texas


Fort Stockton, Texas
Ft Stockton CVB

Fort Stockton Overview:

Located way out in West Texas, on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, Fort Stockton is a town rich in "Old West" history.

Fort Stockton History:

Originally established by the military as Camp Stockton in 1858, the area was briefly abandoned by the military during the Civil War. However, in 1867, it was re-established as Fort Stockton and has remained a vital part of West Texas ever since. At one point, Fort Stockton was home to the Army's famous 'Buffalo Soldiers.' Today, the fort itself is part of the National Registry of Historic Sites.

Fort Stockton Hotels:

La Quinta Ft Stockton, www.lq.com, 432-336-9781; Hampton Inn Ft Stockton, www.hamptoninn.com, 432-336-9600; Holiday Inn Ft Stockton, 432-336-5955

Fort Stockton Attractions:

Historic Fort Stockton and the accompanying museum is by far the most popular attraction in the city of Fort Stockton. However, the Annie Riggs Museum, historic downtown district, Fort Stockton cemetery and the giant roadrunner statue all draw their share of visitors.
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