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Marfa, Texas


Marfa, Texas
Marfa Chamber of Commerce

Marfa Overview:

Home to the mysterious "Marfa Lights," the tiny West Texas town of Marfa plays host to thousands of visitors annually, who come to watch this unexplained nightly light show. Although the lights have been viewed practically every night since 1883, no one has yet been able to explain why they occur.

Marfa History:

Like most West Texas towns, Marfa dates back to the mid-1800s. Best known for the 'Mysterious Marfa Lights,' which have been viewed - and unexplained - since 1883, Marfa's history has been inextricably linked to the lights. Marfa also gained national attention when the Warner Bros. movie 'Giant' was filmed there in 1955.

Marfa Hotels:

Cibolo Creek Ranch, 432-229-2727; Hotel Paisano, 866-729-3669; Marfa Vacation Apartments, 432-386-7120

Marfa Attractions:

Again, the Marfa Lights are the biggest attraction in Marfa. Today there is actually a 'Marfa Lights Viewing Area' as well as a Marfa Lights Festival. In addition to the lights, Marfa boasts a good compliment of museums, art galleries, a winery and the Cowboy Hall of Fame.
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