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Presidio, Texas


Presidio, Texas

Presidio Overview:

Presidio means garrison or fort in Spanish, which is what the town of Presidio originally was in colonial times. Amazingly, tiny Presidio hasn't grown - or changed - that much over the years.

Presidio History:

The river village of Presidio actually traces its inhabited history back to prehistoric times. Spanish explorers passed through the area in the mid 1500s. From that point on, the village had a constant stream of Spanish influence, with various explorers visiting the area. A Spanish penal colony was even established nearby the present-day city of Presidio in the late 1700s. Though the village had been known by many names throughout the years, it was officially dubbed Presidio del Norte in 1830. The first white settlers arrived in Presidio around 1850.

Presidio Hotels:

Three Palms Inn, 915-229-3211; La Siesta Motel, 915-229-3611

Presidio Attractions:

Big Bend National Park is the most popular attraction in the Presidio area. River rafting in the Rio Grande is a popular activity. Presidio is also a popular jumping off point for tourists heading into Mexico's Copper Canyon.
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