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Spring Birding In Texas

Annual Migration Draws Birds and Birders to the Lone Star State


Spring Birding In Texas
Danno Wise
Spring is once again upon us. For many Texas residents and visitors, that means the annual spring avian migration is ready to get underway. In recent years, this migration has served to bring seemingly as many birders as birds to the Lone Star State, making birding one of the fastest growing recreational activities in Texas.

Texas is full of wonderful places to view birds, making it a virtual birder’s paradise. Additionally, since Texas has several distinct regions, each of which house a variety of species, it is easy for one to add plenty of ‘firsts’ to their list.

Although there are plenty of birding opportunities year around in Texas, spring sees the most variety and sheer volume of birds. The combination of plentiful birds and pleasant weather makes spring is a perfect time for serious and casual birders alike to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the splendor of nature offered in the Lone Star State.

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