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Fall Birding in Texas


Fall Birding in Texas
Danno Wise
As the first few cool fronts of the year enter into Texas, birding is once again on the mind of many visitors to the Lone Star State. Many species of birds ride the northerly winds into Texas, where they will spend the winter months.

Among the vast variety of bird species visiting Texas is a variety of waterfowl not seen at other times of year. Much of the waterfowl is on display along the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, which stretches from Brownsville to Port Arthur. Also along the Texas Coast, birders will have an opportunity to view the endangered whooping crane around the Coastal Bend. A variety of tour guides are available for whooping crane tours. Do-it-yourselfers can also view them at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Additionally, a number of birding events will be underway. And, as always, the World Birding Center is a great resource for visiting birders.

Of course, spring is still the finest time to view bird life in Texas. However, seasoned birders know there are a variety of wonderful spots to view birds in Texas through the fall and winter months.

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