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George West Storyfest

Texans Spread Tall Tales At Annual Festival


Texans are known for spinning “tall tales.” And, for nearly two decades, some of the state’s best storytellers have gathered on the first weekend in November in the tiny town of George West for the annual Storyfest.

Storyfest, however, is much more than a few folks sitting around spinning yarns. In addition to performances by the storytellers, the event also features live music, a car show, street dance, “Little Red Wagon” parade, quilt show and more.

This year’s event features a free community breakfast on Friday morning and a 'Party in the Park' on Friday evening. Saturday, Storyfest official begins with the 10 a.m. “Red Wagon Parade.” Saturday’s fun lasts until the street dance is over at 1 a.m. Sunday sees the Sacred Stories conclude Storyfest.

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