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San Antonio's Riverwalk Mud Festival

Draining San Antonio River Results in Riverwalk's Favorite Festival


San Antonio's Riverwalk Mud Festival
Mud Festival

The Riverwalk has been San Antonio’s drawing card for decades. However, with dozens of high quality , clubs, and restaurants lining the banks of this stretch of the San Antonio River, it is easy to forget the river itself is there. And, for a couple of weeks each January, it isn’t!

As part of the routine maintenance of the downtown section of the San Antonio River, which is commonly referred to as the Riverwalk, the San Antonio Parks & Rec department must drain the water from the walled portion of the river. But, in true San Antonio fashion, decided to turn this otherwise routine maintenance function into a reason to have a fiesta! Thus was born the Michelob Ultra Riverwalk Mud Festival.

Although the event is actually held after the river is refilled, during the weekend-long Mud Festival, an estimated 15,000 participants take part in a variety of ‘muddy’ events. Among the more popular features of the Mud Festival are the Mud Pie Ball and Mud Coronation, the Mud King and Queen contest, the Mud Parade and an arts and crafts show.

The 2012 Mud Festival is set for January 13-15, with the popular parade and patio party concluding the event being held Sunday, Jan. 15 at Dick’s Last Resort.


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