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HEB Holiday Parade

Annual T-day Parade Begins Holiday Season In Houston


HEB Holiday Parade
HEB Parade
Having kicked off the holiday season in the Houston area for nearly six decades, the HEB Holiday Parade has become as much of a tradition in southeast Texas as Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas lights. Although the parade has changed names over the years, this is still the largest and longest running Thanksgiving Day parade in Texas.

The 2012 edition promises to be even bigger than previous versions and is set to get started at 9 a.m. Thanksgiving morning (Nov. 22). The parade wraps through downtown Houston, beginning at Minutemaid Park and ending near the George R. Brown Convention Center. General admission is free, but the area does get crowded. Reserved ticket prices range from $10 to $21, depending on when they are bought and whether they are grandstand or “turkey” seating.

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