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Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade


Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade
Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade/Louis Curtis, Jr.

Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade Overview:

A Dallas holiday tradition for over 20 years, the Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children’s Parade not only kicks off the holiday season in the Big D, it is a major fundraiser for the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. You can get reserved seating, general admission tickets, or bring a lawn chair and sleeping bag and huddle up along the parade’s downtown route.

About the Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade:

Begun in 1987 as a way to celebrate the 75th anniversaries of The Adolphus and Children's Medical Center Dallas, the Neiman-Marcus/Adophus Children's Parade quickly became a Dallas tradition. More than 350,000 spectators witness the parade in person, while millions more watch on television. General admission to the parade is free, but reserved bleacher seating is available for $20 per seat.

Where the Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade is Held:

The parade begins at the corner of Austin and Commerce Streets, follows Commerce east to Harwood Street, travels south on Harwood to Young Street, moves west on Young Street to Ervay, south on Ervay to City Hall Plaza and finishes at Akard Street.
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