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Texas Size Fun For The Whole Family

Finding something to please the entire family is never difficult in Texas. The hard part is finding time to do everything!
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Gas Saving Texas Vacation Ideas
With the cost of fuel continuing to climb, more and more vacationers are looking for close-to-home getaways. Luckily, the Lone Star State offers plenty such options. In fact, every region of Texas offers attractions and destinations that can be reached with less than a tank of gas.

Pre-Back to School Getaways in Texas
Once August dawns, it's just a matter of weeks - then days - before school's back in session. Families hoping to get one last trip in before summer's over are always looking for that perfect 'quick getaway.' Luckily, there are several such destinations within easy driving distance of just about anywhere in Texas. Here's just a few of the best attractions for a quick trip with the kids.

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