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Fun Family Summer Vacation Activities in Texas


Everyone wants to have fun on summer vacation. Of course, when kids are involved, it is absolutely essential to have fun activities planned for that family summer vacation. Texas offers a wide variety of fun family summer vacation activities in every portion of the state. Enough, in fact, to ensure every family heading to Texas for summer vacation will have plenty of fun family activities to fill their vacation agenda.

1. Visit Space Center Houston

After playing an important role in the Space Race of the 1960s, Space Center Houston has become a popular tourist attraction. Even today, when it remains crucial to the NASA Space Program, Space Center Houston is better known as an entertaining and educational attraction that draws thousands of visitors annually.

2. Go Camping

Texas offers visitors a variety of ways to spend time outdoors. For those visitors who never want to be indoors, Texas has a number of excellent spot to pitch a tent and spend the night under the stars. Whether it is a state park, national park, a sandy stretch of beach or a natural reserve, Texas offers campers a vast variety of areas to choose from.

3. Spend a Day at the Zoo

Kids off all ages love the going to the zoo. Texas is home to a wide variety of zoos that range from some of the country's oldest to some of the nation's largest. Each zoo has its own unique character to go along with its exhibits and animals. And, every major city (and even some small towns) in Texas has its own zoo.

4. Hit the Beach

Spending a day at the beach is the quintessential summer vacation activity. Can you really ever get enough of the beach? During the summer season, it is worth spending as many days as possible soaking up sun, swimming, body boarding, surfing, shell collecting, wind surfing or playing at the beach. Texas has hundreds of miles of shorelines, so there is no shortage of beachfront for vacationers in the Lone Star State.

5. Go Swimmin'

Long before modern water parks became popular, Texans had sought out many natural "water parks" to help beat the summer heat. Today, many visitors still prefer these natural "swimmin' holes" over concrete pools and water slides. Luckily, there are a variety of natural "swimmin' holes" which are open to the public across Texas, helping visitors and residents alike cool down during the Dog Days of summer.

6. Cool Off at a Water Park

As the Texas heat begins to rise during the summer, visitors to the Lone Star State will undoubtedly be looking for ways to cool off. Luckily, Texas is home to some of the biggest and best water parks in the nation.

7. Be Thrilled at a Theme Park

Texans pride themselves on making everything bigger than it has to be. That certainly is the case when it comes to theme parks. Texas is home to some of the biggest and best parks and rides in the country.

8. Visit a State Park

Texas offers visitors and residents plenty of summer recreational activities. Those wishing to spend time outdoors have plenty of options, including dozens of state parks which offer visitors an opportunity to do everything from swimming to scuba diving, water skiing to mountain biking.

9. Go Fishing

Texas has a vast amount of rivers, lakes, streams and ponds. Within these waters live an amazing number of freshwater fish species which give Texas a high quality and diverse freshwater fishery. Additionally, saltwater fishing in Texas is as good as anywhere along the U.S. coastline. More and more anglers have been discovering this in recent years and packing their bags and rods to take advantage of the Lone Star State's world-class saltwater fishery.

10. Go Underground

Texas is full of natural attractions. Some of the most breathtaking among these are the caves and caverns that are found throughout the Texas Hill Country. Touring these caves and caverns is one of the most memorable family activities to be found in the Lone Star State.
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