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Activities and Attractions to Ensure a Fun-Filled Texas Vacation


Texas is full of things to see and do. From historic landmarks to space-age marvels, from small-town fairs to state-wide festivals there are plenty of attractions and activities to ensure a fun-filled Texas vacation.
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  2. Texas Attractions
  3. Texas Theme Parks
  4. Texas Natural Attractions
  1. Texas Zoos and Aquariums
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  3. Things to Do in Texas

Texas Festivals and Events

Texas has one of the most diverse populations in the state. This unique blend of people, coupled with Texas’ varied geographical regions, has resulted in a number of festivals that are just as diverse as the people who call Texas home.

Texas Attractions

Texas is full of things to see. From historic landmarks to space-age marvels, you won't want to miss these attractions during your Texas vacation.

Texas Theme Parks

Texans pride themselves on making everything bigger than it has to be. That certainly is the case when it comes to theme parks. Texas is home to some of the biggest and best parks and rides in the country.

Texas Natural Attractions

Canyons, caves, rivers, mountains, lakes and bays - Texas is a virtual bounty of natural wonders. Today visitors to Texas can tour many of these sites, some of which are state parks and others which are privately owned and managed.

Texas Zoos and Aquariums

Texas is home to some of the top zoos in the nation. A visit to these zoos allows tourists to see both native wildlife, as well as exotic species imported from around the globe. Additionally, the Lone Star State is home to several world-class aquariums.

Texas Museums & Historic Sites

Texas has a long and interesting history. Luckily, many of Texas' most historic sites and landmarks remain today. Additionally, just about every town in Texas is home to a museum. Traditional museums on topics such as history and science abound, as do museums celebrating the unusual or zany, such as the Ripley's Museum in San Antonio.

Things to Do in Texas

For visitors to Texas, the list of things to do is virtually never-ending. From outdoor activities to indoor museums, from theme parks to festivals, there is always something to see and do during a Texas vacation. Here's a few of the most popular things to do during a visit to the Lone Star State.

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