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Texas Festivals

Texas has one of the most diverse populations in the state. This unique blend of people, coupled with Texas’ varied geographical regions, has resulted in a number of festivals that are just as diverse as the people who call Texas home.
  1. Art Festivals (17)
  2. Birding Festivals (6)
  3. Book & Film Festivals (8)
  4. Cultural Heritage Festivals (34)
  5. Flower Festivals (10)
  6. Food Festivals (36)
  7. Holiday Parades & Festivals (26)
  8. Music Festivals (26)
  9. Other Celebrations (8)
  10. Outdoor Activity Events (19)
  11. Stock Shows & Fairs (9)
  12. Wildlife Festivals (3)

Top Festivals and Events in Texas During 2014
Throughout 2014, there will be a number of great festivals and events staged across Texas.

Texas Festival and Events Calendars
There are a number of great events and festivals scheduled throughout the year in Texas.

Texas Festivals by Type
Texas has a wide variety of celebrations held on an annual basis.

Texas Festivals - Best Texas Festivals
Texas' ethnic and geographic diversity has resulted in some of the most varied and unique annual events to be found anywhere!

Family-Friendly Festivals and Events in Texas
Throughout the year, there are a number of family-friendly festivals and events staged across Texas.

Most Anticipated Texas Events in 2013
During 2013, there will be hundreds of festivals and events staged across Texas. Here's a look at some of the best.

Top Texas Festivals by Region
This is a list of the top festival in each of Texas' seven regions

Texas Festivals by City
There are a variety of great festivals held throughout the year in Texas' major cities.

Kid-Friendly Festivals in Texas
Texas is home to numerous festivals and celebrations that have activities and themes specifically geared toward kids and families.

March Festivals and Events in Texas
March marks the beginning of spring and is also the host month for dozens of spectacular festivals and events across Texas. From St. Patrick Day celebrations to the Houston Livestock Show, there is really something for everyone in the Lone Star State during the month of March.

April Festivals in Texas
April's favorable weather encourages plenty of festivals and events to be staged across Texas. In fact, some of Texas' most unique festivals are held in April.

Family Friendly Festivals in Texas
Every month sees a full slate of festivals in Texas. These events range from cook-offs to concerts and everything in between. Here are some of the best family-friendly festivals to be held in Texas throughout the year.

Free Festivals in Texas
Texas is full of great annual events and festivals. And, best of all, many of these events offer free admission, allowing visitors to have a big time for little expense.

January Festivals and Events in Texas
As the new year gets underway, there are plenty of events, festivals and activities to keep visitors to Texas busy. Everything from marathons to boat shows to San Antonio's unique "Mud Festival" is on the January events calendar.

February Festivals, Events and Activities in Texas
February may seem to some to be a dreary month. It is, after all, the last full month of winter. However, all across Texas, a variety of festivals, events and attractions will help visitors forget the winter blues.

May Festivals in Texas
May in Texas sees pleasant weather and plenty of festivals. From Czech heritage to rivers to music and art, Texans find plenty of reasons to hold festivals during the month of May.

June Festivals and Events in Texas
June is the first month of summer vacation for families everywhere. Families heading to Texas for their vacation will have plenty of festivals and events to choose from to fill out their vacation activities.

July Festivals and Events in Texas
Like all states, Texas has plenty of Fourth of July festivities to kick off the first full month of summer. However, the remainder of the July calender is also chocked full of events for visitors to the Lone Star State.

August Events and Festivals in Texas
August marks the end of summer and, of course, towns across the Lone Star State aren't about to let summer slip away without a few big festivals and events. From fishing tournaments to music festivals, Texas has an event for everyone in August.

September Events and Festivals in Texas
Although the kids are back in school, there are still plenty of events, activities and festivals happening across Texas in September. From cook-offs to triathlons to music festivals, there is something happening practically every weekend of the month in the Lone Star State.

October Events and Festivals in Texas
October is one of the best months to visit the Lone Star State. Not only is the weather cool and comfortable, but a variety of events and festivals are staged across Texas most every weekend in October.

November Events, Activities and Festivals in Texas
In Texas, the holiday season begins in earnest in November. This month, Lone Star State residents and visitors will be treated to a variety of events, activities and festivals, including Thanksgiving and Christmas parades.

December Events, Activities and Festivals in Texas
Texas usually experiences a bit of cooler weather during the final month of the year. However, the temperatures are still mild enough to be pleasant, particularly for those in attendance at one of the many festivals and events staged across Texas each December.

Texas Festivals in March
Spring is just around the bend. As the seasons change, so does the level of activities around the state. March sees dozens of festivals held throughout Texas, celebrating everything from rattlesnakes to St. Patrick's Day.

Texas Festivals by Region
Texas regional festival listing.

Summer Events Along the Texas Coast
There are a number of great events held during summer along the Texas coast each year.

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