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Port Isabel's Day of the Dead Celebration

Event Combines Traditional Mexican Celebration With Modern Day Activities


Port Isabel's Day of the Dead Celebration
Danno Wise
In Mexico, the end of October marks a time-honored celebration known as “Day of the Dead.” Over time, the tradition has crept into the Mexican-influenced Texas border region. Towns across South Texas now host events on an annual basis.

This October, Port Isabel will once again host its “Los Colores de Muerto!” Day of the Dead celebration. However, in addition to the traditional decorations, music and treats, Port Isabel will be adding a few modern activities to the event.

October 31 will see decorated altars and artwork displayed at the Museums of Port Isabel. There will also be guided tours of the historic Port Isabel Cemetery, folk songs, traditional dances and the folk play, The Life and Times of Juanito Gonzalez on the outdoor stage in front of the Museum. Additionally, that night there will be a movie screening on the historic Point Isabel Lighthouse.

More information is available online or by calling (956) 943-7602.

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