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Texas Holiday Parades


Believe or not, the 'Holiday Season' is once again upon us. And, what would the holidays be without parades? From now through December, Texas puts forth some of the country's biggest and best holiday parades.

1. HEB Holiday Parade

HEB Parade
An annual Thanksgiving Day tradition for almost 60 years, the HEB Holiday Parade signifies the official beginning of the holiday season in the Houston area.

2. FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade

FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade – El Paso’s uniquely Texan Thanksgiving Day parade, the FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade originally began in 1936 as a prelude to the Sun Bowl, held on New Year’s Day. The parade date was changed in 1978 and it has remained a Thanksgiving Day tradition since, drawing over 250,000 visitors to the Sun City.

3. Chuy's Christmas Parade

Chuy's Parade
Why wait 'til December for a Christmas Parade when you can attend Chuy's Christmas Parade in Austin during November? This unique Christmas parade raises money for "Operation Blue," which provides toys to needy children in the Austin area.

4. Ft. Worth Parade of Lights

Parade of Lights
For nearly 30 years, Ft. Worth area residents and visitors have opened their holiday season with the annual Fort Worth Parade of Lights. Featuring close to 100 lighted floats, the parade has over 100,000 spectators lining its one-mile course and following the floats to the “Lighting of the Tree.”

5. Neiman-Marcus Children's Parade

Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children's Parade/Louis Curtis, Jr.
A Dallas holiday tradition for over 20 years, the Neiman-Marcus/Adolphus Children’s Parade not only kicks off the holiday season in the Big D, it is a major fundraiser for the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. You can get reserved seating, general admission tickets, or bring a lawn chair and sleeping bag and huddle up along the parade’s downtown route.
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