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Texas International Fishing Tournament

Annual Event Crowns Texas Grand Champion Fishermen


Danno Wise

For over seven decades, the first full weekend of August has meant one thing for anglers across Texas – a chance to vie for the titles of Texas Grand Champion Bay and Offshore Angler. The Texas International Fishing Tournament has determined the winners of the coveted crowns for close to 80 years. Texas' largest saltwater fishing tournament, TIFT is held in the waters surrounding Port Isabel and South Padre Island.

Over the years, the tournament has grown from a novelty event designed to attract tourists to the Lower Texas Coast into the largest saltwater fishing tournament in the Lone Star State. Today, over 1,200 anglers participate in the event each year. Besides bay and offshore divisions, TIFT also has categories for young anglers of all ages, making it a true family event.

And, if you aren’t interested in fishing the tournament yourself, you may still want to attend the weigh-in session. Hundreds of spectators gather each evening at South Point Marina in Port Isabel to watch the contestants as they bring their catch to the dock, giving the marina a “festival” type atmosphere. In fact, the weigh-in has become almost as big as the tournament itself.

So, whether you fish or just want to witness a one-of-a-kind event, you don’t want to miss this edition of the Texas International Fishing Tournament.


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