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Texas Bass Lakes


Black bass are the most popular freshwater gamefish in the nation. And, Texas is one of the top states when it comes to producing trophy largemouths. Although practically every lake in Texas has the capability of producing trophy bass, there are a few that are clearly above the rest.

1. Lake Fork

Known as one of the top trophy bass lakes in the nation, Lake Fork draws anglers from across the US and beyond. Each of these anglers knows that anytime they are fishing Fork, they stand a good chance of catching a true trophy largemouth.

2. Falcon Lake

bass boat
Danno Wise
Located in Zapata, TX, on the Texas/Mexico border, Falcon is famous for producing "braggin' size" largemouth bass. After enduring a decade-long drought, Falcon has recently seen an influx of water and a resurgence in the big bass population.

3. Lake Amistad

Danno Wise
Located near the border town of Del Rio, Lake Amistad was formed when the Rio Grande was dammed in 1969. It's remote location is part of its charm, as are its clear, sprawling waters. Massive Lake Amistad encompasses neary 70,000 surface acres, which are shared between Mexico and the United States.

4. Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend is so big it sprawls across Texas and into Louisiana. Of course, the size of the lake isn't nearly as important to anglers as the fish that are in it. However, Toledo Bend is known for producing plenty of quality bass, which has made it popular with recreational and professional anglers alike.

5. Choke Canyon

Choke Canyon Lake was formed by backing up nearly 26,000 acres of water from the Frio River over a variety of creekbeds, timber, and other structure. This combination, plus South Texas' temperate weather, has resulted in Choke Canyon consistently producing quality black bass.

6. Lake Sam Rayburn

"Big Sam" is the largest impoundment situated completely within the confines of Texas. Throughout the years, Rayburn has produced as many big bass as any lake in the Lone Star State and has become a favorite tournament stop for professional bass fishermen.
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