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Salt Water Fishing Tournament Trails


Texas has long been a hotbed for bass fishing tournaments. However, with the proliferation of salt water tournament trails, Texas has also become a favorite destination for coastal tournament fishing.

1. Texas International Fishing Tournament

Held the first weekend in August in the waters around Port Isabel and South Padre Island, the Texas International Fishing Tournament is the largest salt water fishing tournament in Texas, attracting over 1,200 participants every year.

2. IFA Redfish Tour

The original redfish tournament series, the IFA Redfish Tour, has an entire Texas Division.

3. Texas Redfish Series

The Texas Redfish Series - a Texas-only tournament trail - has scheduled numerous events for 2011.

4. Deep Sea Roundup

Port Aransas' annual Deep Sea Roundup is one of the largest fishing tournaments on the Texas coast and includes fly fishing, surf, offshore and junior divisions.
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