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Texas Holiday Wine Trail


Texas Holiday Wine Trail Overview:

A tour of wineries through the Texas Hill Country, the Holiday Wine Trail features wine tastings, appetizers, barrel tastings, art shows and more.

About the Texas Holiday Wine Trail:

Covering three weekends and two dozen wineries throughout the scenic Texas Hill Country, the Texas Holiday Wine Trail is a popular annual event. However, there is a limited number of tickets made available each year to ensure the crowds will be manageable and every ticket holder will have an enjoyable time. So, if you have plans on visiting the 'Texas Wine Region' for this holiday spectacular, you should purchase your tickets early.

Where the Texas Holiday Wine Trail is Held:

The Texas Holiday Wine Trail is held throughout the Texas Hill Country. A total of 24 independent wineries are involved, covering a geographic region stretching roughly from New Braunfels to Lampasas and from Fredericksburg to Dripping Springs.

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