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Texas Food Festivals


Due to the vastly varied cultures which comprise Texas, practically every type of food is available in the Lone Star State. And, those various types of food are inevitably celebrated with a variety of festivals each year.

1. WurstFest

Four over four decades, the German-influenced Hill Country town of New Braunfels has held their annual Wurstfest, which features plenty of sausage, strudel, pretzels, polka music and more.

2. Terlingua International Chili Championship

Held the first Saturday of November, the Terlingua International Chili Championship is the "grandaddy" of all chili cookoffs. This CASI sanctioned event is actually a four day festival that culminates with the chili cookoff on Saturday.

3. Floresville Peanut Festival

Claiming to be the "Peanut Capitol of Texas," Floresville backs up its boast with the annual Peanut Festival, held the second weekend of October each year.

4. Poteet Strawberry Festival

Poteet Strawberry Festival Association
The annual Strawberry Festival draws over 100,000 visitors to the tiny town of Poteet. This event, which has been held for nearly 60 years, attracts nationally-known country music stars and Tejano entertainers in addition to the carnival, art show, rodeo, dances, parade and “Taste of Texas” food show.

5. Houston Hot Sauce Festival

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival is the Bayou City's showcase event for any type of sauce with a little "kick" in it, including hot sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, Bloody Mary mix and more.

6. Czhilispiel

Based in the Czech settlement of Flatonia, Czhilispiel has been held annually for over 30 years, drawing some of the best chili and bbq cook-off teams from across the state.

7. Luling Watermelon Thump

Luling's annual Watermelon Thump is a four-day celebration of everyone's favorite summer treat - watermelon. The festival includes a carnival, kiddie rides, food booths, live entertainment, watermelon seed spitting contest, watermelon eating contest and more.

8. Texas Mushroom Festival

Held in Madisonville, the Texas Mushroom Festival features a cooking contest, mushroom growing demonstrations, wine tasting, children's activities, photography contest, live music and more.

9. Texas Rice Festival

Winnie's annual Texas Rice Festival is held each October to help celebrate the harvest of the rice crop. The event features food, a carnival, livestock show, arts & crafts, and live music from top Texas and Nashville entertainers.

10. Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival

Offering great music, food and exhibits, the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival draws over 40,000 spectators on an annual basis.
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