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Chuy's Christmas Parade


Chuy's Christmas Parade
Chuy's Parade

Chuy's Christmas Parade Overview:

Why wait 'til December for a Christmas Parade when you can attend Chuy's Christmas Parade in Austin during November? This unique Christmas parade raises money for "Operation Blue," which provides toys to needy children in the Austin area.

About Chuy's Christmas Parade:

Held the Saturday following Thanksgiving, Chuy's Christmas Parade features giant inflatable balloons, holiday floats, classic cars, marching bands and Santa. However, in addition to being great entertainment for those in attendance, Chuy's Christmas Parade also serves as a toy drive for needy children. Spectators are encouraged to bring a toy, which will be collected by 'Santa's Helpers' on behalf of Operation Blue during the parade.

Where Chuy's Christmas Parade is Held:

The parade route begins at the State Capitol at 11th and Congress and proceeds south along Congress to Cesar Chavez.
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