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Holiday Trail of Lights


Holiday Trail of Lights
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce

Holiday Trail of Lights Overview:

Probably the most famous Texas light trail, Jefferson’s Holiday Trail of Lights features an enchanted forest, life-size gingerbread house, candlelight tour of homes and more – not to mention plenty of lights.

About the Holiday Trail of Lights:

Jefferson's Holiday Trail of Lights is actually one leg of a larger Holiday Trail of Lights that includes Natchitoches, Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana and Marshall, Jefferson, and Kilgore, Texas. These cities all lie within a short drive of each other on Interstates 20 & 49. In addition to season-long light displays, each city stages a variety of parades and holiday events during the month of December.

Where the Holiday Trail of Lights is Held:

Each city has its own itinerary for events during the holiday trail of lights. But, most of each town's events are held in the host city's downtown district.
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