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World's Longest Causeway Run and Wellness Walk

Event Affords Participants Unique Opportunity to Cross Causeway on Foot


Now in its 30th year, Port Isabel’s World’s Longest Causeway Run and Wellness Walk has become one of the most popular running events in Texas.

The primary reason for the popularity of this event is the unique opportunity to cross the Queen Isabella Causeway, which links Port Isabel to South Padre Island, by foot, rather than automobile. The “run” portion of the event is a 10k race, roughly half of which is completed via the causeway crossing. Individuals not quite ready for a competitive 10k can still take part in the “Wellness walk,” which is a leisurely 5k stroll across the famous bridge.

Whether running, jogging or walking, participants are treated to scenic views of the Laguna Madre Bay beneath them as they cross the causeway. However, they also get to take in panoramic views of South Padre Island and, when they hit the top of the bridge’s arch, a breathtaking look at the Gulf of Mexico, which lies beyond the island.

Regardless of if you’re a competitive runner, weekend warrior, or a casual walker, the World’s Longest Causeway Run and Wellness Walk is a truly unique event that everyone should experience at least once. The 2014 event is set for January 11, so make plans to be there.

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