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Historic Homes in Texas


Texas is a state rich in history. One of the most popular ways for Texas residents and visitors to take in a piece of this history is to visit some of the state's many historic homes.

1. Bishop's Palace

Completed in 1893, the Bishop's Palace survived the 1900 hurricane and is now part of Galveston's Historic Homes Tour and one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.

2. Texas Governor's Mansion

Completed in 1856, the Texas Governor's Mansion is the longest continuously occupied executive residence west of the Mississippi. Tours of the Texas Governor's Mansion are offered every 20 minutes.

3. Spanish Governor's Palace

Originally built as a presidio in 1749 to protect Spanish claims against French colonization, this building was also the Governor's Palace when San Antonio was the capital of Texas during the Spanish Province era

4. Guenther House

Built along the banks of the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio by Carl Hilmer Guenther, founder of Pioneer Flour Mills, in 1860, the Guenther House has been restored as a museum, displaying mill memorabilia.

5. Moody Mansion

Completed in 1895, the Moody Mansion is the epitome of Victorian architecture in turn of the century Galveston. The mansion, which was home to the powerful Moody family, survived the 1900 hurricane and now has been restored and is open for tours and lunch.
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