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Galveston Island Hotels


Historic and scenic Galveston Island has long been one of Texas' top tourist destinations. From the historic Strand Entertainment District to modern attractions such as Moody Gardens and Schlitterbah, Galveston certainly offers something for everyone. The same holds true for Galveston accommodations. Whether it's a stately, historic hotel or a resort full of modern amenities, you'll have little difficulty finding the perfect place to stay.

1. San Luis Resort

San Luis Resort
Galveston's San Luis Resort offers too many amenities to list. However, the highlights include a state-of-the-art spa, salon and fitness facility, poolside cabanas, and the Treasure Island Kid's Club.

2. Hotel Galvez

The historic Hotel Galvez has treated Galveston Island guests with dignity and charm since 1911. Today, in addition to the stately guest rooms, visitors are treated to amenities such as an onsite pool, restaurant and meeting facilities.

3. Moody Gardens Hotel

Located on the same grounds as fabulous Moody Gardens, the Moody Gardens Hotel offers guests luxurious accommodations plus access to all the Gardens' best attractions and exhibits. This is a perfect option for families looking for a way to maximize their Galveston Island vacation.

4. Hilton Galveston Island

Situated on 30-acre San Luis Resort property located on Seawall Boulevard, the Hilton Galveston Island offers luxurious accommodations and extraordinary views of the Gulf. The Hilton boasts 240 guest rooms, 90 of which have unobstructed views of the Gulf of Mexico.

5. Victorian Resort & Conference Center

Located right on the Galveston Seawall, the Victorian Resort and Conference Center offers one and two bedroom Victorian suites with private balconies and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.

6. Commodore on the Beach

The Commodore is conveniently located on Galveston's seawall, right in the heart of the Island's attractions.

7. Mermaid and Dolphin

The exquisite Mermaid and Dolphin bed and breakfast actually served as the Governor's summer home during the 1860s. Visitors to Galveston today are still treaty as dignitaries when they visit this one of a kind inn.

8. Holiday Inn on the Beach

Right across the street from the beach, Galveston's Holiday Inn on the Beach offers great views and reasonable accommodations - in fact, kids under 19 stay free!

9. Casa Del Mar

Galveston's Casa Del Mar offers visitors beachfront suites with a private view of the Gulf of Mexico.
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