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Children's Museums in Texas


Texas boasts an impressive number of museums - many of which are geared toward children. These kid-friendly museums offer families a fun and educational experience to add to their Texas vacation itinerary.

1. Children's Museum of Houston

Rated the second-best children's museum in the country, the Children's Museum of Houston has more exhibits, displays and educational resources than you and the kids can possibly get to in one day.

2. Johnson Space Center

Don't miss an opportunity to tour Johnson Space Center or get "the feel of space" while visiting Houston. The Kids Space Place at the Johnson Space Center is designed to give youngsters a chance to experience what the astronauts do.

3. Bob Bullock Story of Texas Museum

Tells the story of Texas with interactive displays, IMAX films and more. Named in honor of late Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock, the Story of Texas Museum has several interactive displays geared to youngsters.

4. Austin's Children's Museum

The Austin's Children's Museum is THE place to take the kids while visiting Austin - the perfect place to learn and have fun.

5. San Antonio Children's Museum

The San Antonio Children's Museum is located in downtown San Antonio and offers a wide array of displays and hands-on, interactive educational exhibits.
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