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Blanco State Park

A Small Park, But a Big Experience


Blanco River
Danno Wise
Located in the town of Blanco - right in the heart of the Texas Hill CountryBlanco State Park is one of Texas’ best kept secrets. The charming park, which straddles the Blanco River, only entails a little over 100 acres, but practically every acre is waterfront.

Since the park opened in 1934, several improvements have been made. However, some of the Civilian Conservation Corps’ original infrastructure remains in use today.

A series of low-water dams create unbelievable swimming areas, which are very popular with park patrons. Additionally, Blanco State Park offers plenty of room to roam for hikers, manicured picnic areas along the shore of the river, and plenty of fishing, canoeing and kayaking opportunities. Boating is allowed, but only with electric motors.

For those wishing to stay overnight, Blanco State Park offers a variety of campsite options including sites with or without electrical hookups and a few quaint screened cottages. Many overnight campers like to take advantage of the park’s central location to visit nearby attractions such as LBJ State Historic Site, Honey Creek State Natural Area, and Canyon Lake.

Whether you stay overnight or just visit for the day, expect to see plenty of wildlife and find yourself in a deeply relaxed state by the time you leave this gem of a state park. While Blanco State Park is far from the biggest, it once again proves the old adage that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

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