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Windfest Overview:

Portland's annual Windfest is a weekend full of fun events such as a kidfish pond, chili cook-off, horseshoe tournament, washer tournament, 5k and 10k runs, parade, clowns, live entertainment and more.

About Windfest:

Nearly four decades ago, the residents of Portland, a small town on the central Texas Gulf Coast, decided to hold a festival celebrating the relentless spring winds that visit the area. What began as a simple community festival has grown into one of the largest coastal celebrations in the Lone Star State. The current version of Windfest features a wide variety of activities including the Windfest Pageant, carnival, petting zoo, live music, washer tournament, cook-off, parade, and more.

Where Windfest is Held:

Windfest is held at the Portland Community Center, 2000 Billy G Webb Drive, Portland.
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