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Texas Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup

Volunteers Sweep Texas Beaches Clean


Texas Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup
Danno Wise
On Saturday, April 18, 2015 the Texas General Land Office will once again sponsor their Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup. This event, which has been held twice per year (spring and fall) since 1988, attempts to essentially “sweep” the coast clean from Port Arthur to Port Isabel. Since that first event, the Adopt-A-Beach program has seen 390,000 volunteers remove over 7,500 tons of trash from beaches across Texas.

In addition to removing trash from Texas beaches, Adopt-A-Beach provides critical data, which helps monitor offshore dumping.

This spring’s event with take place at sites up and down the Texas coast. Anyone needing to make arrangements to stay near the coast during the event will be happy to know several hotels are offering special Adopt-A-Beach rates. The Texas GLO encourages anyone interested in the coast or environmental issues to participate. However, they do recommend volunteers take a few common sense safety precautions. Anyone interested in going above and beyond the normal volunteer duties, is also welcome to apply to be a Beach Guardian and help nurture a stretch of beach year around.

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