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Visiting Boca Chica Beach

Texas' Southernmost Stretch of Sand is Perfect Place to Escape Crowd


Visiting Boca Chica Beach
Danno Wise Visiting Boca Chica Beach
Danno Wise

Many visitors know about the desolate stretches of beach available along the Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi. And, thousands of tourists flock to the sandy shores of South Padre Island each year. However, few people realize there is a beach which combines the qualities of these two popular Texas beaches.


Boca Chica Beach is located just east of Brownsville, Boca Chica is a sandy peninsula separated from Mexico by the Rio Grande River and detached from South Padre Island by the Brazos Santiago Pass. Aside from a few stilt homes near the pass, which can be viewed from South Padre Island, and a jetty protruding into the Gulf of Mexico, Boca Chica Beach has no development whatsoever. The State of Texas does own land on Boca Chica which, technically speaking, is a state park. However, there are no park facilities on this land.

Although Boca Chica has little in the way of modern amenities, it does offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, kiteboarding and birdwatching. It is also the ideal place to get away from everything.

Getting to Boca Chica is a snap. From Brownsville, take Highway 4 east until it runs out. Once you hit the beach, you can either go right to the mouth of the Rio Grande or hang a left and cruise up to the north end, which is directly across from South Padre Island.

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