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Falcon State Park

Park Offers Fishermen and Nature Enthusiasts Great Access to Falcon Lake


Falcon Lake Map
Danno Wise Falcon Lake
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Located in deep South Texas on the Texas/Mexico border, Falcon State Park offers great access to Falcon Lake, as well as campsites, nature trails and plenty of other outdoor activity. Situated between Roma and Zapata, Falcon State Park covers 572 acres adjacent to the famous lake. Of this, 144 acres are developed with campsites, playgrounds, boat ramps and other amenities. The balance of the park remains in its natural state, making it a nature lover’s delight.

Falcon Dam, which created the 60-mile long lake, was dedicated in 1953. The park opened to the public in 1965. Over the years, a number of improvements have been made, but probably none has been more celebrated than the recently installed three-lane boat ramp. The ramp offers welcome access to the lake, regardless of level. Although this hasn’t been much of a problem since the new ramp was created, not long ago just putting a boat in Falcon Lake was practically out of the question.

Not long after the lake filled, Falcon developed a reputation as one of the top bass fishing destinations in North America. However, a decade-long drought through the 1990s drastically dropped lake levels and made fishing the fabled lake impractical. However, in 2002, rains began refilling the reservoir. Thanks to sustained high levels in recent years, along with an aggressive stocking effort by Texas Parks and Wildlife, Falcon has once again become a favorite destination for freshwater fishermen.

In addition to fishing, Falcon State Park offers a variety of campsites. Everyone from tent campers to RVers can be accommodated. The park also has a number of small cabins for rent at a reasonable rate.

Swimming, skiing, jetskiing and other water sports are also available – and popular – on Falcon Lake. Those liking a little slower pace should try paddling the scenic shores along the State Park by canoe or kayak. Birding is also a popular pastime in the park and good sightings are common from both land and water.

Visitors can also take a quick jaunt across the Falcon International Dam to Guerrero, Mexico. Guerrero is not a “tourist” destination, so don’t expect to see streets lined with shops and pharmacies like you would in Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, or Progreso. However, Guerrero still has a certain charm and adventure-seeking tourists shouldn’t miss a chance to get a taste of “old Mexico.”

If you’ve made the drive all the way down to Falcon State Park, you may want to plan a few extra days and head either east to Bentsen State Park in Mission, or west to Big Bend National Park. In fact, more adventurous travelers frequently make the trek up Highway 83, which parallels the Rio Grande River, and visit all through natural areas.


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