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Tyler, Texas


Tyler, Texas
Tyler CVB

Tyler Overview:

A visit to Tyler, also known as the "Rose Capital," is a step back in time to the quaint Southern towns of yesteryear.

Tyler History:

Like many towns in East Texas, Tyler began its existence to satisfy the need for a centrally located county seat. In 1846, the Texas Legislature formed Smith County. What eventually became Tyler was chosen. Tyler was incorporated in 1850. Tyler is named after the tenth President of the United States, John Tyler. Today, Tyler is the largest city in East Texas.

Tyler Hotels:

Best Western Southpark Inn, 903-534-8800; Comfort Suites, 903-534-0999; Fairfield Inn, 903-561-2535

Tyler Attractions:

As you might expect in a town dubbed the "Rose Capital," roses and rose growers are a big part of Tyler's tourist industry. Tyler Municipal Rose Garden is open to the public and several local growers offer tours. Tyler also features several museums and a surprising number of wineries. Caldwell Zoo is also a popular stop for visitors.
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