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Touring the Texas Piney Woods Region


The Texas Piney Woods region has been the setting for much of the state's folklore over the years. It's no wonder why - the towns scattered throughout East Texas all have their own distinct identity and charm, unique from one another as well as the rest of Texas. 

1. Conroe

Lake Conroe CVB
Located on the shores of its namesake lake, Conroe lies a short distance north of Houston and offers visitors top notch golfing, shopping, and, of course, water sports.

2. Huntsville

Huntsville CVB
The Texas Piney Woods town of Huntsville is the burial place of Sam Houston - Texas' first president and governor. Huntsville is also the location of Sam Houston State University, Sam Houston State Park, Sam Houston Museum, and the Sam Houston Statue (67' foot tall!) and Visitors' Center.

3. Jefferson

Home to Caddo Lake and nearby Lake O' the Pines, Jefferson is located near the Texas/Louisiana border and is widely known as the "Bed and Breakfast Capital of East Texas." Jefferson is also home to one of the Lone Star State's best holiday light displays.

4. Longview

Longview is surrounded by history - and lakes. Beginning with its "One Hundred Acres of Heritage," Longview is a virtual textbook on Texas history. The four lakes surrounding Longview - Fork, Martin Creek, Caddo, and Lake O'Pines - provide plenty of recreational opportunities.

5. Nacogdoches

The oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches, was originally a Spanish settlement. Over the years, Nacogdoches has blended Southern hospitality with its Spanish heritage to make it a uniquely "Texas town."

6. New Boston

Home to the New Boston Market Days, Pioneer Days, and other attractions and features, New Boston is a must see for visitors in the Texas Piney Woods.

7. Palestine

Known primarily for housing the Texas State Railroad and hosting the Dogwood Trails Festival, Palestine is a charming Southern town tucked deep in the Texas Piney Woods.

8. Rusk

Cherokee County's county seat, the Piney Woods town of Rusk is a stop on the Texas Forest Trail and boasts 32 state historical markers.

9. Tyler

A visit to Tyler, also known as the "Rose Capital," is a step back in time to the quaint Southern towns of yesteryear.

10. Texarkana

Located on the Texas/Arkansas border, Texarkana is actually two cities with the same name - Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas.
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