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San Antonio Staycation Ideas


High fuel prices. Reduced time off from work. The list goes on and on. But, for whatever reason, more and more Americans are choosing a 'staycation' in their hometown as opposed to a traditional vacation. If you're among the growing group of 'staycationers' and happen to live in or near San Antonio, you'll have little problem finding ways to spend your staycation.

1. See Seaworld

Courtesy SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld has long been known as a leader in marine exhibits and waterpark entertainment. SeaWorld San Antonio lives up to its billing, featuring marine life shows and displays, adventure camps, thrilling rides, a water park and more.

2. Catch a Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Danno Wise
San Antonio's Six Flags Fiesta Texas has been one of Texas' top attractions since its inception. This massive theme park offers the only "floorless" roller coaster in the southwest, plus over 100 rides - including Tony Hawk's Big spin, shows, a waterpark and more.

3. Dine on the Riverwalk

Danno Wise
The San Antonio Riverwalk is one of Texas' most popular tourist attraction. In addition to breathtaking views and excellent shopping, the Riverwalk is home to some of San Antonio's finest restaurants.

4. Remember the Alamo

Danno Wise
The Alamo is not only one of Texas’ most important historical landmarks, it is also one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions, with over 2.5 million. Although most Texans have seen the Alamo, if you live in San Antonio, revisiting the Alamo is a great way to spend time during your staycation.

5. Visit a Museum

Danno Wise
As Texas' most popular destination, San Antonio has plenty to see and do. However, many visitors to the Alamo City are unaware of the many quality museums which are scattered throughout the city.

6. Tour HemisFair Park

Danno Wise
Originally built to hold the 1968 World’s Fair, San Antonio’s HemisFair Park has been one of the state’s most popular attractions since its inception and features one of the Alamo City's signature landmarks - the Tower of the Americas.

7. Fiesta at a Festival

San Antonio is Texas' most popular tourist destination by far. However, beyond all the exciting attractions available in the Alamo City are a number of great festivals that call San Antonio home on an annual basis.

8. Go Rodeo

Held in Bulverde, just outside of San Antonio, the Tejas Rodeo features high-caliber competitive rodeo competition, Texas-style BBQ, a mechanical bull, live music and more.

9. Climb Around Inside Cascade Caverns

Located just outside San Antonio, Cascade Caverns offer visitors a look beneath the surface of the Texas Hill Country. The cavern stays 68 degrees year around - making it a perfect place to beat the summer heat - plus it features a 100 foot underground waterfall!

10. Crawl into Natural Bridge Caverns

An underground wonder, Natural Bridge Caverns shows the family a side of the world they probably haven't seen. In addition to a variety of subterranean tours, Natural Bridge Caverns offers a host of above-ground educational activities for kids of all ages.

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