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March in Texas


March is a busy, busy month in Texas. As the first month of spring, March sees warming weather, blooming flowers, more active wildlife and, in general, happier people. Some of the state's biggest and best festivals are held this month, taking advantage of March's consistently nice weather. March is also a great time to be outdoors and there is no shortage of outdoor recreational activities in Texas. And, of course, March is the time for the fabled Spring Break. But, even Spring Break has become a diverse event, as a number of families are looking for family Spring Break activities in addition to the traditional college spring break party crowd.

The anchor of the March event calendar in Texas is undoubtedly the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Covering the first three weeks of March, the HLSR dominates the month. With daily professional rodeo performances and nightly concerts by some of the biggest names in the music industry, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has become a 'must-attend' event for people all across Texas and beyond. The HLSR also features a huge midway carnival, barbecue cookoff, petting zoo and more on the fairgrounds adjacent to Reliant Stadium, where there rodeo and concerts are held.

But, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo isn't the only major event held in the Lone Star State during March. Other notable events include the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup, South by Southwest Music Festival, and North Texas Irish Festival. And, speaking of Irish festivals, as everyone knows, St Patrick's Day occurs in March and there is no shortage of St Patty's Day celebrations in Texas. One of the very best is the Shamrock St Patrick's Day Festival, held in the tiny town of Shamrock.

Another major theme in Texas during the early stages of spring is blooming flowers. The highways and roadways of Texas are lined with a number of blooming wildflowers during spring. The Central Texas region, in particular, draws hordes of visitors to view the fields of bluebonnets as they bloom. There are also a number of flower festivals and trails held in Texas during March, such as the Jasper Azalea Festival and Tyler Azalea Trail.

And, viewing flowers isn't the only thing that gets Texans and Texas visitors outdoors this month. In fact, numerous outdoor activities will be "coming into season" across Texas as the weather warms. In fact, spring is one of the most popular times for outdoor activities in Texas. The moderate weather allows for camping, hiking, fishing, birding and more. While spring, at least early spring, is usually considered a bit too cool for many water sports, there will still be plenty of folks heading to the beach or spending a day on the lake canoeing, kayaking or boating.

Of course, for a good portion of March, many Texas beaches will be covered with Spring Breakers. 'Texas Week,' when the majority of Texas colleges are out for a week, is definitely the busiest time of Spring Break. And, traditional Spring Break party spots like South Padre Island and Port Aransas are more than ready for the hordes of college students that descend on their beaches, hotels, restaurants and bars during Spring Break. But, more and more, Texas towns are trying to attract a different type of Spring Breaker - the family looking for a place to spend a spring vacation while Texas public schools are out on break. To that end, there are a great many wonderful family Spring Break destinations and activities in Texas. Former Spring Break hotspots like Galveston has gone all out to attract families during this time of year. The Texas Hill Country is another popular destination for families on Spring Break. Whether they are looking for a beach, a lake, a theme park or a place to go camping, families will find plenty of fun ways to spend their Spring Break in Texas.

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