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Spending the Holidays in Texas

From Parties to Parades, Texas Offers a Wealth of Holiday Activities


Spending the Holidays in Texas
Sundance Parade of Lights
From Thanksgiving through New Year's, Texas is home to a variety of holiday activities. Whether you're a Winter Texan here for the season, a weekend visitor or a Texas resident, the Lone Star State is a great place to spend the holidays.

Beginning Thanksgiving Day, Texas is home to a variety of holiday parades. From major cities to small towns, a variety of parades will be staged throughout the holiday season.

A wide variety of holiday light trails can be found on the landscape of the Lone Star State. Although the majority of these trails are Christmas themed, they typically stay lit through New Year's.

Speaking of New Year's, Texas offers a great variety of places to spend New Year's Eve. And, whether you're ringing in the new year in a major city or a small town, you can be there will be plenty of New Year's celebrations in Texas.

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