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Summer Festivals and Events in Texas


Summer is a festive time in Texas. All across the Lone Star State, events, festivals, tournaments and other activities are staged regular from June through August. In fact, some of Texas' best festivals and events occur during the summer months.

1. Texas Folklife Festival

Held in mid-June and sponsored by the Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio's Texas Folklife Festival is an annual celebration of the diverse cultures that combine to make Texas unique. The festival features live music, costume, arts & crafts, and more.

2. Dublin Dr Pepper Birthday Celebration

Held each year in Dublin, the Dr. Pepper Birthday Celebration pays homage to a true Texas original - Dr. Pepper. During the birthday celebration, visitors are treated to free tours of the bottling plant and museum. Carnival games and food booths are also onsite during the celebration.

3. Luling Watermelon Thump

Luling Watermelon Thump
Luling's annual Watermelon Thump is a four-day celebration of everyone's favorite summer treat - watermelon. The festival includes a carnival, kiddie rides, food booths, live entertainment, watermelon seed spitting contest, watermelon eating contest and more. The Watermelon Thump the last full weekend in June each year.

4. Texas Reds Festival

Held each June in Bryan, the Texas Reds Festival is an ode to red wine and steak. This steak and wine festival features wine tasting, a steak cook-off, live entertainment, a 'KidZone' and more.

5. Port Aransas Deep Sea Roundup

Port Aransas' annual Deep Sea Roundup is one of the largest fishing tournaments on the Texas coast and includes fly fishing, surf, offshore and junior divisions. The Deep Sea Roundup is held in early July each year.

6. Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Next to barbecue and bulls, Texas is best known for mosquitoes. So, why not celebrate them? That is exactly what they do in Clute during the Great Texas Mosquito Festival. This annual event features a barbecue/fajita cook-off, paintball tournament, karaoke, a Mosquito Chase “Run,” and more. Paying homage to a pest has never been so much fun!

7. Texas International Fishing Tournament

Held in early August in the waters around Port Isabel and South Padre Island, the Texas International Fishing Tournament is the largest salt water fishing tournament in Texas. The tournament has bay, offshore and fly fishing divisions and draws around 1,200 particpants annually.

8. Hotter 'n Hell 100

Attracting over 9,000 cyclists from across the country, the Hotter 'n Hell 100 is one of the most popular 100-mile cycle events in the nation. The Hotter 'n Hell 100 is held in late August each year.
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