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Things to Do in Texas by Month


Throughout the year, there are plenty of things to do for visitors to Texas. Great festivals and events are held on a monthly basis throughout the state. There are both seasonal and year around attractions available as well. This article showcases the best things to do in Texas throughout year, broken down by month.

1. Things to Do in Texas in January

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January is the first month of the year and the first chance of the new year for visitors to Texas to have a great vacation experience. Although January is one of the coldest months in Texas, the weather is still usually mild enough to allow for a variety of outdoor activities in addition to numerous festivals, celebrations and other events.

2. Things to Do in Texas in February

February is the year's second month and provides visitors to the Lone Star State an excellent opportunity to have a fun-filled vacation while the year is still young. Of course, much of February is dominated by Valentine's Day. Texas offers visitors plenty of options for a romantic vacation during February. February is also home to a number of unique celebrations and festivals across the Lone Star State. And, although it is winter's final month, the February weather in Texas is usually mild enough to allow for a variety of outdoor activities.

3. Things to Do in Texas in March

March is the first official month of spring and the typically warm weather has everyone anxious to get outside and have some fun. There are a wide variety of outdoor activities beginning to become available in the Lone Star State in March. There are also plenty of outstanding festivals, celebrations and events. From rodeos to flower trails, Spring Break to St. Patrick's Day, March is chocked full of things to see and do in Texas.

4. Things to Do in Texas in April

Although spring official began in March, April is sees spring in full swing. Warm weather and pleasant breezes make April a great time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Texas. Furthermore, several great festivals and events take place in April. And, lest anyone forget, April is the best time to see fields of blooming bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas. In short, April is one of the best times to take a vacation in the Lone Star State.

5. Things to Do in Texas in May

May is the bridge between spring and summer. During spring, the weather is warm enough to enjoy water parks, water sports, swimming and other "get wet" activities. It is also home to two of the most popular holidays in Texas -- Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day. Additionally, a number of outdoor activities, festivals, celebrations and events are available to Texas visitors during the month of May, making May an excellent time to visit Texas.

6. Things to Do in Texas in June

June is the official start of summer and, hence, the beginning of summer vacation season. As soon as school lets out, the nature of vacations and vacation activities change, as families flock to all parts of the Lone Star State for a summer vacation. Luckily, early summer offers plenty to see and do in Texas, including a full slate of outdoor activites, festivals, celebrations and more.

7. Things to Do in Texas in July

July is the first full month of summer. By the second week of July, public schools have let out, the Texas temperature is rising and just about every outdoor activity imagineable is available to Texas visitors. There are also a number of great festivals and events during July, including several centered around the Fourth of July.

8. Things to Do in Texas in August

Although summer doesn't technically end until mid-September, August is roundly recognized as the end of the summer tourist season. With school back in session by month's end, August usually represents the last chance for a summer vacation for the year. However, the weather in Texas is usually perfect for just such a trip during August and there are plenty of activities and events to fill out a summer vacation in the Lone Star State during August.

9. Things to Do in Texas in September

September is a "transition month," when summer fades to fall. However, the weather doesn't switch nearly as quick as the calendar and, at least in Texas, September is still plenty warm for a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Conversely, although football is a "fall" sport, by September, high school, college and pro teams across the state are already deep into their seasons. September also offers a full slate of great festivals and events across the Lone Star State. All told, September offers visitors plenty of things to see and do.

10. Things to Do in Texas in October

October is an excellent month to visit Texas. Fall is settling in, with cooler weather and all the traditional autumn activities. A number of great festivals and events are held during the year's tenth month. Many of these events are themed around October itself (Oktoberfests) or Halloween. Football season is also at the midway point, which always means there are plenty of great games to watch, including one of the year's most anticipated games -- the Red River Rivalry between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma. And, the Red River Rivalry is just one of the many great events and activities that take place during the State Fair of Texas, which covers the first few weeks of October.

11. Things to Do in Texas in November

November is a great month to visit Texas. Football season is entering its homestretch and there are plenty of good games every weekend across the Lone Star State. Fall's pleasant weather is also a great compliment to the many festivals and events held during November. And, of course, there is Thanksgiving and all that goes with the start of the holiday season, including parades, shopping, light trails, holiday festivals and more.

12. Things to Do in Texas in December

December is the year's final month. With the New Year on the horizon and the holiday season in full swing, Texas is plenty festive in December. From light trails to parades, college football bowl games to unique fairs and festivals, there is literally something different happening every weekend in Texas during the year's final few weeks. And, of course, the month ends with the year's biggest celebration -- New Year's Eve.
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