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Things to Do in Texas During October


October is an excellent month to visit Texas. Fall is settling in, with cooler weather and all the traditional autumn activities. A number of great festivals and events are held during the year's tenth month. Many of these events are themed around October itself (Oktoberfests) or Halloween. Football season is also at the midway point, which always means there are plenty of great games to watch, including one of the year's most anticipated games -- the Red River Rivalry between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma. And, the Red River Rivalry is just one of the many great events and activities that take place during the State Fair of Texas, which covers the first few weeks of October.

1. See the State Fair of Texas

Running for 24 days through late-September and early-October, the State Fair of Texas is the largest fair and stock show in the state. During the nearly month long event, everything from live music to carnival rides and good eats to art shows are offered. Of course, the highlight of the Fair is the annual Texas-Oklahoma football game. Many of the State Fair's most anticipated events, such as the Red River Rivalry, take place during the October portino of the Fair.

2. Catch a Football Game

October is the quintessential "football month" in Texas. By October, the season is old enough that most teams have worked out the kinks, yet still early enough that the vast majority of high school, college and pro teams still have a shot at post season play. As a result, October sees some of the most spirited football games of the year, with both teams often having plenty to play for. Every weekend in October, from Thursday through Sunday, there are high school, college and professional football games taking place across the Lone Star State. These games are popular for both Texas residents and visitors alike. If you are in the mood for some pigskin action while visiting the Lone Star State, head to one of these famous football stadiums.

3. Go Trick or Treating

There are always plenty of 'spooky' events held across the Lone Star State on Oct. 31. And, even when Halloween falls during the middle of the week - as it does this year - these events are very well attended. So, as Halloween draws near, Texans and Texas visitors are making plans to spend the day at one or more of these top Halloween festivals and events

4. Celebrate Oktober

Texas has a rich German heritage, which explains the numerous Oktoberfest events across the Lone Star State. Anyone who enjoys German food, drink and music will certainly want to make plans to attend one of these events. Many of the state's best Oktoberfests take place in the heavily German influenced Texas Hill Country, although every corner of the Lone Star State have great Oktoberfests at some point this month.

5. Stop and Smell the Roses

The East Texas town of Tyler has long been one of the nation's leading producers of roses and rose bushes. Each October, Tyler celebrates this iconic flower. Started in 1933, the Texas Rose Festival has become part of the fabric of life in Tyler. The Rose Parade is just part of the fun, that includes the Coronation Ball and the East Texas Symphony Orchestra’s “Concert in the Park.” Don’t forget to visit the Rose Museum while visiting the “Rose Capital of the Nation.”

6. Step Back in Time During the Texas Renaissance Festival

A six-week trip back to the 16th century, the Texas Renaissance Festival features over 200 daily performances, 300 arts and crafts shops, 60 food and beverage shops, nightly fireworks and more than 3,000 costumed characters strolling the grounds. Although it is not technically an "Oktoberfest," the opening weekend of the Renaissance festival is themed as Oktoberfest and the event covers the entire month.
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