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Traveling Texas Throughout 2014


Texas is a giant state that encompasses a huge geographic area. Throughout the state of Texas, visitors will find a variety of natural attractions, as well as towns and cities with their own unique characteristics. Many of Texas' cities and towns reflect their diverse cultural makeups, which is often celebrated with a variety of festivals and events. Visitors to Texas have a seemingly endless list of things to do regardless of the time of year they visit the Lone Star State. Whether it is natural wonders, man-made attractions, festivals, celebrations or any other of a number of things to do, visitors to Texas will find plenty to see and do throughout 2014.

1. Spring

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Spring sees warming weather across the nation. As the weather warms, more and more vacation activities become available. In Texas, there are numerous spring vacation activities - starting with Spring Break. And, although it is known mostly as a college rite, there are also plenty of family-friendly Spring Break options in the Lone Star State. Several spring holidays, including St Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo, are cause for celebration across Texas. Outdoor activities are also in full swing, from blooming bluebonnets to migrating birds, there is plenty to see outdoors in Texas during spring. In short, the combination of comfortable temperatures, blooming wildflowers, outdoor activities, holidays and festivals make spring a perfect time for a vacation in the Lone Star State.

2. Summer

The summer months sees throngs of visitors heading to Texas for vacation. From the coast to the Hill Country, every corner of the Lone Star State has visitors looking for summer vacation fun. To be sure, there is no shortage of things to do during the summer in Texas. Hitting the beach is always high on the list of things to do in Texas during the summer, but there are also numerous theme and water parks open, as well as a myriad of great festivals and events taking place during the summer months. That's not to mention the dozens of lakes and rivers across the state that also offer a variety of water sport and outdoor recreational opportunities. And, when the summer heat gets too high, there are plenty of indoor (air conditioned) attractions to visit. Here are a few of the best ways to keep cool and have fun while on summer vacation in Texas.

3. Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to visit the Lone Star State. With fewer visitors than summer, Texas is much less crowded during fall. However, some of the year's most pleasant weather occurs during autumn, making both indoor and outdoor activities extremely pleasant. From football to the State Fair, birding to viewing leaves at Lost Maples there are plenty of things to do during fall in Texas. If someone has to pick just one season to visit the Lone Star State, it would have to be fall, as the weather makes it possible to enjoy virtually everything Texas has to offer.

4. Winter

Although most think of vacation during summer, winter is an outstanding time to visit the Lone Star State, as there are still plenty of things to do in Texas during the winter months. There are, of course, a variety of festivals and events, as well as indoor attractions to visit. But, the surprise to most out-of-state visitors is the array of outdoor activities available throughout the state of Texas during the winter season. Thanks to a relatively mild climate, visitors to Texas will find plenty of things to do -- both indoor and outdoor -- during the winter months.
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