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Winter Vacation Activities in Texas


Sure, summer is the most popular season for vacations, but that hardly means it's the only time of year to take a vacation. If you happen to be headed to Texas during winter, there's still plenty to see and do.

1. Take in Dickens on the Strand

Galveston Historical Foundation
In a town known for its history, it only makes sense to ring in the holiday season with characters from Christmases past. Such is the case with Galveston, where the annual Dickens on the Strand event helps usher in the month of December and kicks off the holiday season.

2. Catch a College Football Bowl Game

Texas is a football crazy state. Not only is the Lone Star State home to some of the nation's top pro, college and high school football teams, it plays host to several college football bowl games during December and January

3. Ring in the New Year

If you are lucky enough to be in Texas over New Year’s, you may have a hard time deciding what to do – there are just too many options. Here are a few suggestions to make your Texas New Year memorable.

4. Watch a Holiday Parade

Chuy's Parade
Texans have some of the biggest, most unique holiday parades in the country. Visitors heading to the Lone Star State between Thanksgiving and Christmas would be well-served to attend one of these immensely popular events.

5. See a Holiday Light Trail

TX Festivals & Events Assoc
If you are hoping to view Christmas lights during your visit to Texas, you are in luck. There are several holiday light festivals and trails across the Lone Star State during the month of December.
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